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Spey casting, switch rodding and fly fishing schools, lessons and instruction are offered by one of the best in the sport. Walt Geryk is the master at teaching the skills of two-handed and single hand casting with an easy to understand, fully detailed and comprehensible format for all levels of experience. Improve your single-handed fly casting and cover more water in all conditions.

"Learn to Spey Cast and Fly Fish with Confidence."

Spey Casting Instruction Spey Fishing Schools

"Leave the water a better spey caster and learn to enjoy fly fishing with confidence."

Spey Casting with Single-Hand and Two-Handed Fly Rods
Learn to spey cast with a single-hand fly rods, switch rods and the two-handed longer spey rods. Spey casting enables single-handed fly rods to cover more water in tighter situations.
One Day School or Lesson limited to two rods. Two Day School limited to four rods.

Recognize Casting Faults
Understand the adjustments needed to improve your two-handed spey casting.
Learn to recognize and self correct casting issues while becoming better spey casters.

Balanced Equipment
Understand the importance of properly matched tips to lines on balanced reels and rods.

Private One-Handed and Two-Handed Casting & Fishing Lessons
Personal spey, switch and fly casting and fishing lessons are detailed to your personal needs.
Learn what's needed to advance your current casting abilities and fly fishing skills.

Coached Fishing Trips
Specific Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, Trout and Atlantic Salmon outings available seasonally.

Fly Shops, Groups, Organizations, Corporate Outings
The most comprehensive spey casting schools, lessons and workshops available.

newTune up Single and Two-handed Fly Casting in the comfort of your home with
12 Minutes to Improve Your Two-Handed Casting The Snake Z Spey Cast
youtube More Single and Two-Hand Casting and Fishing Videos youtube
Spey Doctor Essentials

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Spey Doctor's Spey Casting and Fly Fishing Schools welcome all levels of experience from beginners to experienced.
With the Sage Elite Ambassador, Walt Geryk, you'll leave the water better caster, fishermen and learn fly fish with confidence.
Two-Handed Fly Fishing Schools, Lessons and Instructions offered throughout the North East.
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